Programs at MMS

The adolescent must explore and develop all aspects of her emerging personality in order to maintain her quest for identity and to become a powerful adult self. 

Mission Mountain School sees whole person education as a critical priority, supporting progress through the four stages of emotional growth.  We organize the curriculum into four primary components to address your daughter’s needs, which will vary depending on which developmental stage she is in. 

Some program elements will be more important or relevant than others over time.  Our programs provide multiple opportunities to create metaphors and experience a variety of emotional growth curricula in a wide range of modalities.

The curriculum facilitates personal growth by providing both a concomitant and sequential developmental foundation for continued progress.  Mastery of one program component provides a solid foundation for continued progress in the next and so on.  The four program components consist of: daily life skills, outdoor education, emotional growth and academics.  These four program areas are in operation simultaneously.

“The focus is on the student. The entire program is carefully designed to build and reinforce values. Everything has a consequence designed to promote making the right life choices.  All of this is made possible by the dedication of the staff.”

lawn crewDaily Life Skills
The Daily Life Program is the basis by which the girls learn to respect themselves, their peers, their community and surroundings.  They do this by acquiring basic self-care skills such as personal hygiene and time management. 

Through the structure of the daily program from wake-up to mealtimes to chores through bedtime, students are responsible for developing a high standard of hygiene and for keeping their personal areas, as well as the community at large, clean and organized. We expect them to hold each other accountable to these tasks.

Respect and honesty, values that facilitate the building of meaningful relationships within the group, are expectations at MMS.  The daily life program provides an atmosphere that fosters the ability to be honest and open and requires full participation. It allows students to work on social skills in ways that many of them have not experienced.

Daily life skills build an environment consistent with extended family life by promoting individuation through community living.  Students develop and initiate normative values and standards by which the community abides.  Hence, daily life skills promotes cooperative and collaborative problem solving in the social milieu. At Mission Mountain School we believe that successful functioning in outdoor education, emotional growth, academics or any other endeavor requires a solid foundation of daily life skills.  Put more simply, if your daughter does not make her bed, complete daily chores, or accept her responsibilities, her likelihood of success in life or school is very low.

Staff act as mentors, guides, and consultants within the milieu and offer individual attention on an as-needed basis.  Staff and students are expected to participate in all aspects of community daily life up to and including personal and community chores.  Through the processes of mentoring and modeling, students are able to acquire the community life skills that will be expected of them in their future endeavors.

Students are encouraged to adopt the value of altruism through on-campus work projects and peer mentoring, and off campus by doing community service.  They internalize the lesson of altruism by writing about their experiences and also by continuing to practice the virtue of altruism after they leave MMS.  It is through these tasks that students acquire respect for their community and become environmentally conscious and socially aware young people.

BikinbgOutdoor Education
Outdoor education is the program that teaches about group interaction and interdependency.  It teaches your daughter about accomplishing group tasks under difficult conditions and builds on the foundations of self-care she develops in daily life skills. 

In the outdoor education program we challenge students to exceed their self-imposed limitations and explore their true capacities.  Outdoor education forms, shapes and enhances self-esteem, self-concept and self-confidence.

Our outdoor education program teaches your daughter how to care for and work with others.  She discovers that she overcomes seemingly insurmountable challenges through perseverance and trusting the group.  This forms an important foundation for facing difficult issues of change in the emotional realm.

“I love going winter camping...the meditations about animals and warrior spirits and animals.  I think these are times that I feel most connected to my higher power.  I also love soccer.”

Emotional Growth
The sense of group support and increase in self-esteem and self-confidence found in outdoor education sets the stage for the emotional growth curriculum to facilitate your daughter confronting and addressing the difficult and painful emotional issues that she has in her life.

maskedThe emotional growth program at MMS utilizes an innovative combination of methods that are both unique and effective.  A number of traditional methods are used regularly.  These include: 

Non-traditional methods, some of which are unique to MMS include: 

All students are required to complete the four developmental stages described earlier.  In addition, students complete curricula designed to address specific or individual issues as needed.

"One of the best parts of our daughter’s recovery has been the fact that the counselors and staff have ‘been there, done that.’  There was no beating around the bush.  Our daughter found she could snowball other therapists or programs, but she met her match at Mission Mountain School.  I think this hastened her recovery. 

She learned first-hand from the staff that although her past behaviors were very serious and shouldn't be forgotten, that recovering from her emotional issues can help her to be a stronger, more aware individual.  She now has the tools and capabilities to lead a happy, healthy, productive life.”

The resolution of deep-seated issues and the increased sense of self-esteem and confidence acquired through the emotional growth program forms a very solid foundation for the student beginning the exploration and discovery of the innate joy of learning. 

The academic program teaches your daughter how to be a self-determining and self-governing student.  She learns how to manage her time and set realistic appropriate academic goals and objectives for herself.  She discovers her true intellectual gifts and develops compensatory strategies for any learning differences or deficits.

Your daughter identifies these gifts and any deficits in an educational inventory.  Based on this information, testing profiles, transcripts and school reports, we develop your daughter's individual education plan. 

This plan supports her personal goals, requires consistent progress and upon completion insures that she achieves her “personal best” at an age appropriate academic level.

“I like how the staff interact on a personal level with us, it makes me feel like I can learn how to develop relationships with adults.  The structured time and the high standards of the program build and reinforce good values.  I have learned a great deal and still am learning.  So now I know better how to live a good long life full of goals and achievements.”


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