mms-waterfallAs part of our re-accreditation process required by the Pacific Northwest Association of Independent Schools (PNAIS) in 2005, we conducted a variety of written surveys, including an alumni student and alumni parent survey. Following are some of the results.

In this survey, 100% of alumni reported that their health, stamina and physical sense of well being increased as a result of being at Mission Mountain School; 93% reported they had a greater awareness of personal responsibility interacting with others; and 87% reported that they gained an understanding of their learning process, study skills and time management and felt prepared for college.

Many students reported that since leaving MMS, they had been active in community service and that they had an increased awareness of their environmental choices and about environmental issues.

In this survey: 98% of alumni parents reported that MMS helped their family learn listening and communication skills; 86% reported that their daughter learned to honor her personal values and was practicing those values; and 94% reported that the academic program at Mission Mountain School was one of high quality.

All parents reported that the hands on activities and concrete metaphors provided by Mission Mountain School impelled their daughters to internalize information about themselves that they may not have learned in any other way. And 93% of alumni parents reported they that they have continued to work on personal and family issues since their daughter left Mission Mountain School.

The alumni student survey had 52 questions, and the alumni parent survey had 45. The overwhelming response from both girls and their families was one of a very positive experience while at Mission Mountain School.

Where They Are Now
While working on the creation of an alumni reunion in 2004-2005, Colleen Harrington reached her initial goal of contacting 100 students from Mission Mountain School who had completed the program or graduated high school. She found that all of those who left MMS while still in high school graduated and received their diplomas. Of the 100 girls, 83 had either graduated from or were currently in college. Some were attending or had completed graduate school. One was in a PhD program, and two were in medical school.  Many who had completed college or graduate school had entered the professional world as business owners or managers, lawyers, nurses, and teachers. Those who had not gone to college were either married and busy with their own families, working, or considering going back to school.


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