Here are a few questions that most parents ask right away.

Q. What is the average length of stay?

A. To complete all four Phases, your daughter would stay an average of 16-22 months. Our primary commitment is to your daughter and your family and we only want to ensure her success. Therefore, we feel that it is of great importance that she be afforded the necessary time she needs to make positive changes in her life and recommend she complete all four Phases.

Q. How often will I speak with my daughter?

A. Currently, parent calls occur twice weekly. These are short check-in calls with Mom or Dad. Additionally, you will have conference calls every other week with your daughter and her therapist, and these calls are about one hour in duration.

Q. What feedback will I get about my daughter and from whom?

A. In addition to the calls you receive from her therapist every other week, you will receive monthly and quarterly reports that discuss how your daughter is doing in each of the program areas, as well as how she is doing in all of her classes. Academic report cards are sent twice per semester. Of course you may call us at any time.

Q. How often will I see my daughter?

A. The timing of the occurrence of each visit has been well thought out and is, subsequently, very intentional. Your daughter and you need these critical periods in between each event to debrief and process the experience as well as to assimilate the learning that has occurred. Following is a baseline visit schedule:

While your daughter is in Phase I, she is just beginning her therapeutic journey and it is important for her to focus on herself and her issues during this time. Your first visit will occur between two and three months after she enrolls, and this is typically a visit for just parents. You will come to campus for four days. Lodging is locally in one of the nearby motels, and we will provide you with a list of appropriate choices.

The second visit will be a parent retreat (Mom or Dad first, depending on scheduling) after about six months. The second parent retreat (if Mom was first, then this will be Dad) will occur after about nine months. Retreats are a four-day visit and you stay on campus in a small cabin, which is apart from the main campus. If your daughter remains on schedule, she should transition to Phase III between twelve and fourteen months and you will come to take her for her off-campus visit, which will be here in Montana. We hold a transition ceremony, and siblings are welcome to attend this visit.

After about fifteen months, she will begin to have home visits, which typically occur during the breaks from the academic class schedule. Her first home visit will be one week, and each successive visit after that will be two weeks. She will have at least three, though likely four, home visits scheduled before emitting.

Q. How are her medical needs met?

A. We have a licensed nurse on site who oversees all aspects of medical care, and long-standing relationships with local medical clinics, orthodontists and dentists. We also work with an adolescent psychiatrist who will meet with her on a regular basis concerning any psychotropic medications she may be taking.

Q. Is MMS accredited?

A. Yes. Mission Mountain School is a full member and is accredited by the Pacific Northwest Association of Independent Schools ( Our graduates receive MMS diplomas, and all credits earned are completely transferable to other high schools, boarding schools, colleges and universities. We are also fully accredited members of the Northwest Association of Accredited Schools (NAAS), and we are full members of the National Association of Therapeutic Schools and Programs (

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